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Name: Mr.S.Arumainayaham

Designation:- District Secretary

Phone No: 0212283965

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Name: Mr.T.Prunthakaran

Designation:- Asst.District Secretary

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Location and Area

Kilinochchi District is situated in the Northern Part of  Sri Lanka. Geographically most of the area of the district lies on the main land. The district covers a land area of  approximately 1348.19 sq.Km and  inland water covers an area of 444.30 sq.Km. The Kilinochchi district has Jaffna district  on its Northern border, Mullaitivu in the Eastern and Southern borders and Mannar district on its western  and Southern borders. Administratively, the district is divided into four divisional Secretariats. They are Karachchi, Kandawalai, Poonagary and Pachchilaipalli.

The land in Kilinochchi District could be categorized as flat with less than 10% slop.

There are 4 Major, 5 Medium tanks and 443 minor tanks all over the district connected 7 rivers to conserve rain water. The level are Karachchi 4m, Kadawalai 3m, Poonagary 2m and pachchilaipalli 3m from sea level.


The Government Agent/District Secretary is an executive officer for the entire district. The Government administration works at the levels of Central, Provincial, District, Divisional and Village level. Administratively, Kilinochchi district is Divided into four Divisional Secretary divisions, namely Karachchi,Kandawalai, Poonagari and Pachchilaipalli. The are 95 Grama officers divisions in this district. Three local bodies (Pradeshiya Sabhas) are functioning in Kilinochchi district. They are Karachchi,Poonagari and Pachchilaipalli. 04 Medical Officers of Health divisions and one Educational zone are functioning in this district.

Climate and Rainfall

The climatic conditions of this District of this are dry,humid and tropical. The average annual rainfall in this district is 3901.70 mm and 75% of the rainfall receives during the period from  September to December  by North-East monsoon periodical wind. The remain period other than afore said of the year is dry and warm. Because, of the warm temperature experiences every year from June to August, this period is considered as dry season. The monthly average temperature range is 25 to 30 c

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District Secretary

Suntharam Arumainayaham

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Sivapathasuntharam Sathiyaseelan

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